Echinocystis lobata - Wild Cucumber



There was a full moon this evening, as I was driving out the Brockville and back. I took a few photos, of which this is one, before I left for the drive home, and, later, stopped at the Battle of the Windmill Historic site to take some more.

By the time I stopped at the windmill, the clouds had cleared and the moon was glinting off the St. Lawrence. Unfortunately, there was no safe place to pull over in order to get a photo of that. However, I did get some photos of the windmill and other buildings lit up by the light of the moon.

After seeing some exquisite photos by an Iranian woman (Salome Manouchehri). I was delighted when this photo lent itself to sepia.

Stairs, Lariault Trail, Gatineau Park, Quebec

This is my favorite photo, ever..... It almost smells of wet leaves, and the cool air of one of my favorite places in the world, Gatineau Park.