Flowers from the Flower Communion, June 11, 2006

Gerbera Daisy



Madonna della Dolmades

Madonna della Dolmades
This is a collage that I created. It is one of a number that I have done using paintings by old masters as the base. OIne series is called Alter Egos which allows me to step into the shoes of other women. Since most of the characters are religious themed or images of particular saints, I thought the title of the series rather appropriate.



Hot Peppers All in a Row


Fotki Contest.... First Prize!

The object of the contest entry was to produce a photo with the word "Fotki" in it. Most people 'shopped in the word. Others made the word out of other objects. I chose to present the word in American Sign Language.
Most of the comments were amazing and most people "got" it. There were a couple who didn't, however, including the one who suggested I should put the letters for each sign on the hand or somewhere in the photo. Another person said that the hands should be on a brightly coloured background. The latter was more an aesthetic comment. I didn't agree and thought that the black and white images had more impact.
A couple of people gave really low scores. I'm not sure why and I'm not really interested in the why's. I like the image and I think it is effective. Certainly, the majority of those who voted "got" the image, or at the very least though it was technically good or interesting. So I am pretty happy.
In regards to the suggestion that I should have put the letters on the images, it just goes against the entire concept to include the letters.
I wanted the image to be a "thinker", requiring someone to really look at it and think beyond just the word. As "hearing" people, most of us have very little need to give more than a curious glance at the deaf and their world. This photo forces people to try and understand something about deaf-culture. It turns the tables on us all because it forces us into the position that the deaf find themselves in a prevailingly "hearing" world.
If it makes one person think, then it is successful.


Giant Pumpkin, Byward Market


At the farm